Concepts – process

00. Have an idea?

Do you have an idea but you can’t visualize it? We are happy to help. We make concepts of application / mobile / web applications. Concepts for games and VR applications.

01. Recognition

We start by gathering basic information about the idea. Expectations, functionalities and users’ target group. We estimate the time to complete the concept.

02. Sketch

At the sketch stage, we try to present the previously collected information visually. The project takes shape over time, after consultation with the client we determine the further direction of work.

03. Final stage

Having all the information and accepted the initial sketch, we proceed to the final implementation. The result is a coherent solution concept ready to start the production process.

Sample projects

Space Ships – PC game

VR Escape Room

– Concepts for VR game

Don’t mess with spikes

– Mobile game

Home inspector – AR Application