3D Modeling

3D modeling is used in many areas of our lives. Currently, not only computer games and movies use 3D data. This kind of information has long been present in the industry. Digitization is present in an increasing number of areas. It is also dynamically developing in the field

of e-commerce.

3D Modeling for Video Games

Building virtual worlds is our main activity. We create models that can be used in games in various graphics engines, such as Unity 3D or Unreal Engine. Usually, we model based on the concepts provided by the customer, because these types of models have their specifications, they need to be optimized accordingly.

3D Modeling for E-Commerce

We also prepare models optimized for web browsers. Models of this type can be used in web configurators and stores. They work in both web browsers on mobile devices and desktop computers.

High-Poly 3D Modeling

We make High-Poly models that faithfully reproduce a given object in the smallest detail. The main applications of this type of models are rendering in high resolutions for product catalogs or various visualizations. Thanks to the mapping of the smallest details of the object and the proper preparation of materials for rendering, we can get a photorealistic result.